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Let Me Be Your


The year is 1740, in strife-filled Scotland. A woman is discovered, virtually naked, on the rugged coast where the North Sea meets the Grampian Highlands. She is beautiful, French, and has no memory of how she came to be there.

Or so she says?


The bone chilling dampness of Scotland and the crackle of a hearth fire are nearly palpable in Coffman?s atmospheric 18th-century Highland romance. This lush, well-told tale will remind readers why the Highlands are such a popular and superb setting for romance.

?Publisher?s Weekly

This sweeping historical romance set in the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie provides the reader with an intimate glimpse of the life of French, English, and Scottish aristocracy. This is a fast-paced tale of adventure, intrigue, lust, betrayal, and, finally, redemption through love.

?American Library Association. All rights reserved

Eighteenth century Scottish romance readers will want to peruse THE HIGHLANDER, an exciting tale that never slows down from the moment Tavish finds a seemingly dead Sophie on the shore. James and Sophie are a delightful duo struggling between a growing love vs. duty and secrets, which means that fans will enjoy Elaine Coffman's latest historical.

?Harriet Klausner

Paperback Release: November, 2003

2003-2004 Elaine Coffman

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