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She might be the daughter of a Scottish earl, but she wants more out of life than polite conversation and serving tea. She wants adventure…
Unfortunately, she finds it . . .


November 2005

You met Claire Lennox as the wife of Jamie Graham in LET ME BE YOUR HERO. Soon you will meet her firebrand sister in BORN OF FIRE. Kenna Lennox is a lass with red hair and a temper to match. She turns against the establishment after daring to do what no other woman has done before. She sails to France, determined to learn the art of fencing, and convinces the greatest Fencing master of the time, Comte Debouvine, to come out of his recent retirement and take her as a pupil. Charmed by her fire and her audacity, the Comte agrees. He realizes the monumental size of the task he has undertaken by when his pupil’s only knowledge of a sword is that “it needs to be sharp.”

Miraculously, Kenna is transformed by the comte into a woman so graceful, skilled, and proficient with the sword, that some even doubt she could, in fact, be a woman. When she returns to Scotland and the dashing American privateer, Colin Montgomery, arrives on the scene, their first meeting is a melding clash of two highly charged people. Drawn to the mysterious, and unquestionably beautiful woman, he is curious about the scar that runs down the side of her neck. When he inquires about it, he soon learns that being attracted to Kenna Lennox could be dangerous to one’s health.

The third book in the Graham Family Saga.

© 2003-2004 Elaine Coffman

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