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Santa Baby

When widow Holly Noel Winter, along with a nanny, housekeeper, six little girls and one baby boy, moves next door to resident scrooge Dr. Stan Levine, it's time for a war between the sexes. Unless Christmas brings peace on earth and a time for even a grouch to fall in love...

Reissue Anthology
"Under the Mistletoe" Novella
Mass Market Paperback
October 2002
Zebra Books
ISBN: 0821772945

The now out-of-print "Under the Mistletoe" novella was originally published in the anthology, ‘TIS THE SEASON, in November 1997 by Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN: 0821757814.

The Bride of Blackness Castle


Lady Anne offers herself as Robert McQueen's prisoner in exchange for her ill father.

Reissue Edition
Mass Market Paperback
October 2002
Harlequin; ISBN: 0373835213

Originally published by Harlequin in the anthology Outlaw Brides, June 1996. This reissue edition includes A Gentleman of Substance by Deborah Hale.

'Tis the Season

"Under the Mistletoe" Novella
Mass Market Paperback
November 1997
Kensington Publishing
ISBN: 0821757814

'Tis the Season was reprinted as SANTA BABY. Click here for reprint details.


Seeing Fireworks

"Playing With Fire" novella
Mass Market Paperback
July 1997
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 031296258


Outlaw Brides


"The Bride of Blackness Castle" Novella
Mass Market Paperback
June 1996
Harlequin Sales Corp
ISBN: 0373833156


Midsummer Night's Madness


"A Ribbon of Moonlight" Novella
Mass Market Paperback
July 1995
St Martin's Paperback
ISBN: 0312955073


To Have and To Hold

Novella, Mass Market Paperback
June 1994
Avon Books
ISBN: 038077691X


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