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LET ME BE YOUR HERO by Elaine Coffman, to be on the bookshelves in Nov 2004

Let Me Be Your

November 2004

You fell in love with Fraser Graham in THE HIGHLANDER, as the Earl of Monleigh’s handsome, levelheaded brother. Pursued by countless women, he enjoys their attention, but he never takes them seriously. Some men are destined to have only one great love in their life, and Fraser’s heart was broken years before by Claire Lennox.

Claire Lennox, Countess of Errick, and Mains, in her own right, is a leader who is intelligent, daring, stubborn and a fighter. She was once married for less than a year, and scandalized the whole of Scotland and England when she divorced the Earl of Monleigh’s brother, Fraser Graham. But now, years later, the impetuous lass, comes to realize there are some things a woman cannot handle by herself, and fate gives Fraser and Claire a second chance. But will they succeed where they failed before?


Second in the seven-book
GRAHAM series of historicals
set in the Scottish Highlands


© 2003-2004 Elaine Coffman

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