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Alone in the Dark

When her dying father confesses that he is not her biological father—and that she has a twin—Washington, D.C. morning news anchor Ellery O’Brien is desperate for answers. Plagued by a recurring nightmare in which a blood-covered woman staggering down the stairs of a beautiful old house, Ellery travels to her late mother’s hometown—Agarita Springs, Texas—not realizing until she arrives, that the house she rented was the very house she sees in her dreams.   No one in town wants to dig up the past, so she is forced to turn to rancher Hugh Littleton.  The nightmares, however, persist.  And each time, before Ellery awakes, she sees an increasingly terrifying image of the killer’s face. . . . 


New York Times bestselling author Elaine Coffman switches gears with pulse-pounding results in her first novel of heart-stopping suspense intertwined with just the right touch of romance and great characterization.

“Coffman’s writing is deft, capable and evocative.”Publishers Weekly




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